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Patricia Polacco email request

Ahhhh! I found it. Here are a series of videos with Patricia  Polacco sharing her family stories, as well as other famous author videos along the Reading Rockets' side bar.

I received this email today….


I am looking for a movie about Patricia Polacco where she talks about her life as an author and illustrator.  I am almost positive there is one out there because I remember seeing it before but I can't remember the name.  Can you help?

Readers, any help is GREATLY appreciated. But something tells me that SLJ ran a piece on her a while back.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Brandon and Julio says:

    Dear Ms.Polacco,

    We really enjoyed your book Mr.Lincoln’s Way.However there was one slight error as in all great books.The error that we noticed was when you said lit the Menorah for Chanukah.Your sopposed to light a chanukeea not a menorah!!!Besides the mistake your book was quite interesting.Our teacher was the one who did not get to meet you in person,but you sent her a singed copy of the book Mr.Lincoln’s Way.By the way she says Hi,we want to know if you remember her.If you don’t remember her name it is Patricia Weiner.

    Julio Mares and
    Brandon LeTourneau