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Now TRY to HEAR this

…because I still can't.

Back in June, before everyone went on their summer breaks, I posted about this annoyingly pitched ring tone that had educators sounding alarms (sorry, I couldn't resist). Paul Vitello from The New York Times ran an article, (a day later I might add), about how this sound (that I still cannot hear) interrupted one teacher's class.

Here's a blurb from his article…
"Whose cell phone is that?" Miss Musorofiti demanded, demonstrating that at 28, her ears had not lost their sensitivity to strangely annoying, high-pitched, though virtually inaudible tones.

"You can hear that?" one of them asked.

"Adults are not supposed to be able to hear that," said another, according to the teacher's account.

She had indeed heard that, Miss Musorofiti said, adding, "Now turn it off."

Readers, please tell the truth and let me know if you can hear this invisible sound. Or, if you've had any problems with this in your school.

-Amy Bowllan


  1. My teenager hears what she wants to hear. So it doesn’t impact her. I guess you have to go right to the source.

  2. I’m almost 46 and I can still hear it! YAY!

    And luckily, my students are just turning 11, so we don’t have many cellphone issues. Yet.

  3. Thanks Gerald for the comment!

    Mary Lee thanks for the comment. “I can still hear it.” you say? Rub it in whydontya. :) On another note, don’t they say the hearing goes first? If so, I’m doomed.

  4. High School Teacher says:

    I hear it too and, needless to say, it is annoying. Not “educated talk.” Waste of ones time and distracting from “the thinking mode.”

  5. blah blah says:

    So i can hear it.. i’m 26… this “adults cant hear it” stuff is mostly incorrect. Some people do lose the ability to hear certain frequencies throughout life but it is not a standard by any means. This is like saying that if your an adult male, you’re going to go bald. Doesnt always happen.

  6. Amy Bowllan says:

    I agree with you, Blah. I hear better now, then I did when I posted this 3-years ago. :)