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Mary Lee and Franki Continued…

***Dear Readers, sorry for the font disparity, I'm still trying to figure it out.  -Amy***

A.B. What blogs out there in the blogosphere would you highly recommend to educators and why?
F: Fuse #8 and Read Roger were the two blogs I found first.  I then found Jen Robinson’s page.  These three totally hooked me to blogging. Because they are the ones I’ve read for the longest and the first blogs I found, they are my favorites!  I read mostly children’s literature blogs. They help me keep up on new children’s books. One other blog worth mentioning is Big A little a.  She edits a monthly online journal, The Edge of the Forest, about children’s literature that is packed full of good stuff!

ML: Like Franki, I read mostly children’s literature blogs. I read them as an "expert." But there are three education blogs I read as a "novice." My favorite is Borderland, because he teaches 4th grade and I loop 4th and 5th grades. So when he talks about all he’s doing with his kids in terms of technology I can visualize the possibilities for my students. Another I like is Bud the Teacher. He is a very thoughtful, reflective teacher, but way beyond me in technology. And I read The Blog of Proximal Development because I love the name, the connections to Vygotsky, and the feeling that the work the writer of the blog does with blogging and blogging communities in his classroom are WAY beyond my zone of proximal development. ("The Zone of Proximal Development refers to those skills that are in the process of maturation. Vygotsky refers to these potentialities as "buds" of development.")

Thanks to Mary Lee and Franki for their insight and time.

-Amy Bowllan