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Hmmm…Getting Girls Into IT?

The Montgomery County Board of Education is putting together a task force to strategize ways of getting GIRLS interested and exposed to the www of information technology. "The recommendations include creating a comprehensive marketing plan to raise parental awareness of the skills and talents vital to technology-related professions, embedding more information technology in schools programs and courses and creating a culture that supports and encourages girls to pursue IT-related career choices."

The interesting point about this article is that IT means different things to different people. Also, knowing the nature of girls…READERS, is it realistic to think they'd be interested in IT? I'm sure some girls (thick skin and all) would soar and own IT related professions; but I'm not too sure how it will be received in schools imho.
Please share your own thoughts.

(Full article: Girls have IT — Information Technology, that is Task force outlines ways to get girls involved in the field from

-Amy Bowllan


  1. Diane Chen says:

    I STILL have girls entering kindergarten who have no experience with computers and who are extremely timid compared to the majority of the boys. Thanks to my 70’s childhood of women’s liberation, I am very passionate about women achieving all they can. I concentrate on ensuring these girls get extra time using the technology they will need. I work with these girls for the next 5 years to encourage them to expand their horizons and see how they can use technology in their future. But when I discuss my observations with other teachers, they are surprised. They assume that all that “liberation” stuff is over. They ask me why should they focus on overcoming gender gaps when the only gaps measured are on NCLB?