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"Feel Good" On This Day Of Thanks!

This post from the The Feel Good Librarian is a year old, but certainly sends a timeless message. Here's a piece from the post "Giving Thanks."

"There are a lot of things to complain about in the library world. Count them; job shortages, low wages, budget cuts and the resulting collection gaps, overwork, juggling learning and implementing new technology while bringing coworkers and patrons up to speed on it….

You fill in the blank. You work at a library!

A family came in today, the day before Thanksgiving. The mother is hacking and coughing. She said, “My husband is in the hospital. I need a power of attorney form.”

Oh, dear. That doesn’t sound good. As I was downloading and printing one, she asked, “Will this cost anything? I don’t have any money until I get the paper signed so I can access the bank account.”

The end of this story is worth reading!  Have a wonderful Thanksgiving to all SLJ readers.

-Amy Bowllan