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An Echat With Jim Spellos From ‘Way Cool Tools’

Recently, I had an Echat/Einterview [call it what you will] with Jim Spellos who is President & Founder of Meeting U., a technology training company, focusing on teaching Way Cool Tools [I like, I like].  He's also an adjunct faculty member at New York University, teaching in both the undergraduate and continuing education programs. His new book, 99 Fabulous Food Websites You Can't Eat Without and The Spellos' blog offers K-12 educators and families some great resources…perfect for the holiday season.

(photo courtesy of Jim Spellos)
I asked Jim a few, broad questions (via email) which appear in bold. The topics range, as you'll find out.

On food, [now we're talkin'] Jim writes, "While the book [his new release] is a light, fun resource dedicated to food websites, it is essentially a book about how love of family is binded (pun intended) by love of food. Meals, such as the the Sunday family dinner from many of our childhoods, are much more than about just great food…it's how families can continue to connect (even if kids..and even the adults…don't realize it at the time). My brother and I, who were always very, very close, came together even more in our adult years as the cooking shows in the mid 90's started to make us realize that we had another shared passion. Food has that magical ability.

With that stated, there are a number of really good (and Way Cool) resources in the book that can be beneficial for K-12 educators. A few such sites include:

The Exploratorium Food Site – The science of cooking, with some really great webcasts about the science and culture of cooking. While these are from the early 90's, there are timeless in their topicality

Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network  – This site is dedicated to educating people about various food allergies. Part of the site (link from the home page) is solely dedicated to schools and childcare, providing information about free food allergy programs for schools nationwide.

Not to mention, of course, sites providing exposure to various ethnic foods, learning how to cook (see my first statement about how that builds families), and just plain fun and love of food." [That's CERTAINLY not my problem]