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National Controversy Continues Over Tango

After reading "And Tango Makes Three" during the Thanksgiving holiday, I sent an email/interview request to My email read, "I would like to interview the authors of "And Tango Makes Three" (Ala Notable Children's Books. Younger Readers (Awards)(Hardcover) by Peter Parnell, Justin Richardson for the SLJ Blog."
410w National Controversy Continues Over Tango(picture via Nam Y. Huh/Associated Press)
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Now, take a look at what's HOT off the press, today coming out of the Charlotte, N.C. school districts.
Schools chief bans book on penguins Tale describes males raising egg
 (this article comes via The Boston Globe – Mcclatchy Newspapers)

"First, it is a picture book that focuses on homosexuality. Second, we did not feel that such information was vital to primary students. Next, we did not believe the book would stimulate growth in ethical standards, and the book is too controversial," it said.

Of course this is not new and the article also points to other states who have "banned Tango" from bookshelves.  But it BEGS the ongoing question…Is it right to ban Tango?

On a personal note, I saw "Tango" out, on a school library display shelf and loved it; which is why I wanted to interview the authors for the SLJ Blog.

-Amy Bowllan