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A Blurb ON Blogging

Whether you're new or a veteran to blogging, it's ALWAYS a prudent idea to pause and review the responsibilities when writing to a global, "googleable" audience.  And of course, Doug Johnson, over at the Blue Skunk blog hits a home run (out of the park) win with his helpful hints for bloggers. Read the entire post HERE.  Trust me, it's very good! (And don't leave the site without reading the comment section)

But my personal favorite is when Doug writes, "Write out of goodness. I have a difficult time believing that anything you write because you want to improve education, improve kids lives, or improve society will be counted against you. If you write out of negativity – to vent, to whine, to ridicule – yeah, you'll probably have problems. But I am guessing you were probably having problems at work before you started blogging if that is your blog content. In a workplace where dismissing someone for mediocre job performance or poor interpersonal skills is nearly impossible, supervisors are often looking for any legal means of firing people. If you are doing a good job at work, blog. If you aren't, don't blog." (viaBlueSkunkBlog)

He's right on and IMHO, educational bloggers are very responsible in their postings and are truly serving the needs of educators and learners from all over the globe. Blogging quickly becomes a vocation when it's done for the right reasons. 

-Amy Bowllan


  1. I think that is a good point about writing from a positive standpoint. All too often, I have been guilty of writing a negative response from a gut reaction to something and there is no positive value at all, except to get it off my chest. Thanks for your fun blog, to give me a forum to learn and hear from others the great advice and info.

  2. book should be band from schools. It was read to my 6 year old with out my premetion. her teacher went out and bought the book to read to them.We as parent should have been informed that is was going to be read. It is not approrate for school. They are there to leard about reading,math and ABC””””””””s. Not about being gay that should be left up to the parents. If nothing is done I will remove my child from that class. I knoe her teacher is gay. I have never cared he is a very good teacher. But if he is going to bring his home life to the classroom to teach the children about being gay. That is not right. I should have a say if my child is going to be exposed to gay. I have family that are gay.
    Thank you a very concerned parent Christina

  3. Amy Bowllan says:


    thank you for your comment and for reading the SLJ Blog.

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