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Cool Ideas For Black History Month

During Black History Month, there's always such a last minute rat race to 'do something' for our students; never really knowing what that something is.  Anyway, it makes me wonder sometimes if the month is losing its meaning. But ENOUGH with the cynicism.

This month, I'm scouring the blogosphere to find cool and unique ideas for educators to consider during BHM.  

Here's COOL IDEA#1
After reading a post written by happychyk, it was gratifying to know she was considering using Girls Like Me (I posted about this before) in her class. She writes, "I'd like to teach "Girls Like Me," which was created by a 16-year-old African American student at Urban Academy (the New York Daily News provides some background). If I use it, it will likely be in a poetry unit that explores issues of voice and identity. I have only one African American student in each of my classes. I don't want to the focus to be on the student (the representative voice of the African American experience). (It could also work with The House on Mango Street or other books that deal with images of self in society, worth, and identity.)"

email me your cool ideas for the month of February

-Amy Bowllan