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"That All May Read" News From The National Library Service

Here's a portion of an email message I received the other day with important information for library services available for blind and physically handicapped patrons: "National Library Service (NLS) – a program in its 75th year that provides free materials to those whose low vision, blindness, or physical handicap makes reading a standard printed page […]

Are You A Real Teacher?

***LINK HAS BEEN UPDATED***Follow this link and be sure to scroll down to see if you're a 'real teacher'. Here are a few I found to be right on from the  list"…Real teachers can predict exactly which parents will show up at Open House. …Real teachers volunteer for hall duty on days faculty meetings are […]

These 5 Things

Educators (and parents) are SO worried tests, tests and more tests that we often forget … Brian Kim nails it when he states what kids LACK. comes via Victoria A Davis, Cool Cat Teacher

An ‘Ode’ To Arnice – "What every library needs"

I rarely (if ever) do this – but in this case, I just HAD to post a comment from a recent blog post on Librarian, Arnice Smith. Why do I do this? Well, I'm not sure how many readers actually have the time to read through the comments.  That's another topic..Are you a comment lurker? But anyway, here's a comment from reader E. Robert Lattimore, […]

Is it fair article

Cut and Paste article

Meet Educational Technologist Arvind Grover

My colleague Arvind Grover spearheaded an initiative this year to introduce Moodle into our middle and upper school program.  Early in the school year, he conducted a very thorough training session (along with his staff) and since that point, I've heard only positive things about how Moodle has enhanced the learning environment.   Here's just one example of how […]

"It’s All About The Students" – Arvind Grover Continued

A.B. What role do students play in using Moodle? A.G. It’s all about students. It’s what I love about Moodle. It isn’t about the teacher, it is about what the student can get from the teacher and from Moodle. Students can customize the interface (or not if you want), they can add their own pictures […]

Parry’s Gotta Blog!

Internet Lawyer, Parry Aftab 'keeps it real' with her blog  and guess what?  "You don't need a law degree to understand it…YES! Anyway, here's a blurb and a video on Cyberbullying and here's her post on FLIP…a new, teen social networking site for kids – it's so hard to keep up with this Myspace Generation. ~~Quick Flashback~~When I was growing up, we were […]

Books Are A Life Saver