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Internet Lawyer, Parry Aftab 'keeps it real' with her blog  and guess what?  "You don't need a law degree to understand it…YES! Anyway, here's a blurb and a video on Cyberbullying and here's her post on FLIP…a new, teen social networking site for kids – it's so hard to keep up with this Myspace Generation.

~~Quick Flashback~~
When I was growing up, we were the NoSpace Generation. You did as you were told. But…with the web being, just that – a web, especially when it comes to kids, it's important to have an expert weigh in and shed light whenever possible. Parry Aftab is it!


  1. Parry Aftab says:

    Thanks Amy! I am a fan of your blog too.
    keep it bloggin!

    Parry Aftab