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"It’s All About The Students" – Arvind Grover Continued

A.B. What role do students play in using Moodle?

A.G. It’s all about students. It’s what I love about Moodle. It isn’t about the teacher, it is about what the student can get from the teacher and from Moodle. Students can customize the interface (or not if you want), they can add their own pictures (which they love), it says their name at the top when they log in (which they love). It makes them feel that this online space is about them. There are reasons kids are into online social networks (they are social), and we try to take advantage of that with the social part of the Moodle experience.

A.B. While I have you here, your 21 Apples blog has extensive information for technologists and teachers who have technology in their schools. What are your top three posts that educators could benefit from?

A.G. Wow, tough question, you’re making me read my own stuff!

1. Why I love learning objectives

2. Positive student use of the internet

3. In your

+ 2 bonus ones!

Is Powerpoint a waste of time for teachers?

Naysayers are more important than your supporters

A.B. What other blogs and books do you feel educators MUST read? -no limit on this one

Blue Skunk Blog
Practical Theory
Creating Passionate Users
Lessig Blog
Shameless self promotion, EdTechTalk

A.B. Feel free to add any additional information Arvind and thanks again.

A.G. Found a link to a blog post I wrote about Moodle (forgot about that post)