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An ‘Ode’ To Arnice – "What every library needs"

I rarely (if ever) do this – but in this case, I just HAD to post a comment from a recent blog post on Librarian, Arnice Smith. Why do I do this? Well, I'm not sure how many readers actually have the time to read through the comments.  That's another topic..Are you a comment lurker?

But anyway, here's a comment from reader E. Robert Lattimore, III – [very cool name
"It takes a village to raise a child"!  I believe the work that Ms. Smith is doing is incredible!  Not only is she going against the norm by making NOISE in the library but she is teaching children that learning can be fun!  The library should not be seen as a "quiet place"!  There is a wealth of knowledge there for all to explore.  Ms. Smith's work allows her to contribute greatly to the molding of our future!  These young people are our leaders of tomorrow and generations to come. Equipping our youth with the necessary tools for success is a job for all of us.  I feel that Ms. Smith is making a great investment by depositing a seed into the lives of every young person she meets.  Every village MUST have a library and every library needs an Arnice Smith!