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Are You A Real Teacher?

Follow this link and be sure to scroll down to see if you're a 'real teacher'.

Here are a few I found to be right on from the  list
"…Real teachers can predict exactly which parents will show up at Open House.
…Real teachers volunteer for hall duty on days faculty meetings are scheduled.
…Real teachers cheer when they hear April 1 does not fall on a school day.
…Real teachers drive older cars owned by credit unions."

And, with middle school leading the news recently, at the same link, there's a list with a ton of ways "you know you teach middle school if
you have classroom rules about where people may put their feet
… you brag to your spouse about how many parent phone calls you got done today
… your librarian cringes when you sign up your class"
[thanks to for the laughs]

Pass these along if you  need a good chuckle today.