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Who’s Your STAR Librarian?

National Library Workers Day is coming on Tuesday, April 17.  Here's where you can submit the name and information of a Star Librarian of your choice.  [via Julie Winkelstein's article in the – Web site honors 'star' librarians]  Verne Oliver is one of my 'star' librarians.She is retired; but still donates most of her free time […]

New Blogger Tools

Before switching over to New Blogger BE CAREFUL.  First of all, if you're a veteran blogger, you probably have blogs with different email addresses and screen names. What the New Blogger does is asks you to sign up using your email account as the user name.  What they don't say (maybe it's in the fine print) […]

My Bloglines for whatever it's worth..check me bloglines!

dumb blond video comes via

Congrats To Children’s Librarian ARNICE SMITH!

“Dancing, singing, clapping their hands and having fun…in a library. Mutiny? Scandalous? Nope. It’s all part of librarian Arnice Smith’s plan. “It bothers me to see people who want the little people just to sit.” Says Arnice before leading the children in a rousing chorus of “I am good. I am great. I am smart. […]

Keep ‘Em’ Sharp During Spring Break

Spring Break is just around the corner! Darn it…you mean we have to go on vacation? Say it isn't so! So…now is the (my) peak season for requests (which POUR IN) for online, educational activities to keep students busy while on vacation.  The following is a working list for vocabulary building – mostly for advanced 6th graders and up…A […]

Resurrecting The Blog Posts

***Warning…This Post MAY Exhaust You*** Don't get me wrong, I love blogs. But I absolutely HATE how fast they thread and become archived. So I'm on a mission to resurrect the blog posts I wasn't able to read. For starters, back in September of 2005, Alan Levine's, Cogdogblog had some "buried bones" in his archives well worth digging up. One was of […]

Alan November On The Future Of Libraries

If you haven't heard this yet, listen to Alan November's podcast on the future of libraries and librarians. Look for the MP3 file at the bottom of the post. It's not groundbreaking information he provides; but it's certainly worth listening to. Alan November is an internationally known speaker on educational technology.

Math, Math and More Math

I receive regular requests by educators and parents for online math enhancements for elementary school students.  This makes me wonder how much longer the educational software life will have? Try not to have too much fun with these. Here's a site that allows you to create your own math worksheets for grades 2-6. Here are More Free […]

Next Up…Twitter

Yesterday was my first day testing the latest, "track your every move" free online service –Twitter. And  David Lee King (thank goodness) provides a very comprehensive explanation of how it can benefit librarians – check out his blog here. It's funny, because recently, I commented on Andy Carvin's blog and saw his Twitter Me request.  Needless to say,  I signed myself up and will figure […]