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Not Sold On Software

Here's an article that will probably send alarm bells off in the educational technology arena – Amit Paley from the Houston Chronicle writes about a "study that says educational software does little for students."

"This may sound flip or like we're making excuses, but the fact is that technology is only one part of it, and the implementation of the technology is critical to success," said Schneiderman, whose group represents 150 companies that produce educational software." (via Amit Paley)

This doesn't sound flip, it sounds obvious – if software is the only measure for student achievement. It's also an argument that has been tossed around for some time now, in both the educational technology and librarian field. We know it takes more than just software to impact learning when it comes to using technology in the classroom.  My quick take on software and technology making an impact on learning is: first, you need the support of the school administration; second, you need technology teacher training with a purpose; and lastly, it's crucial to include teachers, librarians and technologists in the same curriculum building meetings, so that the software implementation has a clear purpose. Please know this is my quick version and certainly doesn't address the special areas that technology covers – presentation tools, robotics, math components etc.  Readers please share if your school has been successful using software in your school?