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"These are the first books I’ve ever read."

This quote is from a teenage student from an article written by Amber Mobley at the Book series creates reading craze Bluford books are being touted by teachers and more importantly by young readers. Mobley shares how some disadvantaged students are developing a strong love for books after reading and identifying with the characters in the Bluford Series books, written by multiple authors – Ben Alirez, D. M. Blackwell, Paul Langan, and Anne Schraff. 

Mobley writes,"Librarians, teachers and middle school students throughout Hillsborough County are singing the praises of a series they call relevant and relatable. For fellow eighth-grader Mario Clark, The Gun, by Paul Langan, mirrored life. In it, freshman Tyray Hobbs brings a gun to school to get revenge against a boy who embarrassed him."  

Each book is only a dollar (not sure why) and you can order the complete series from Townsend Press here.  Readers, please share if you've used this series in your classes. There's also a link to lesson ideas (from NovemberLearning) for several of the books – it's certainly a useful resource to springboard discussions.