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Open The Tech Doors

Last week I hosted a Technology Open House at my school for lower school parents. It was an opportunity for the parents to work with their daughters during one of their tech classes. This was a first and I must say, "It was awesome!" Just think, parents learning how to use technology! When they (we) were growing up, they (we) didn't have these resources; hence, the parents were very grateful for the opportunity to learn side by side with their child.

So once the parents came to class, they were asked to work with their daughters on the following activity:
*Also note-there is a 5-minute keyboarding warm up prior to beginning our class.

Dear 3rd Graders,

Today we will be preparing for your trip to Ellis Island! Did you know that Mrs. Bowllan's Great-Grand Aunt Estelle came to America from Jamaica, West Indies?! CLICK HERE to see her name, age and the year she came to New York.

Now, let's look at some pictures of other immigrants who came to Ellis Island by CLICKING HERE. Discuss with your parent what you see. How did the children dress? Do you think they were scared? Why do they look so tired? What do you think they left behind?

When you are finished, open Powerpoint, create three slides and answer the following questions: What country did your ancestors come from? Where did they settle in America? Why did they come to America? You may use clip art on each slide.

More resources…
Cn you name these instruments? CLICK HERE
Immigration Quiz What's the passenger's name?

*photo courtesy of Latin American

This activity was originally posted on our class blog which is on the school's intranet.

One last closing thought…librarians, classroom teachers or technologists, if you don't do it already, I strongly urge you to work with your administrators (for the next school year) on "sharing the good news" on how a variety of technological resources can enhance curriculum. Not to mention, you are also building a cadre of ambassadors who will help to support your program.