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What’s Free, Fun and Falls From The Sky?

Young learners seem to inherently know when something is good. Some would call it great marketing; but if an entire class is on one site – that happens to be educational – and they're having a blast, then you know word is going to get out and it's going to be contagious. Or as we say in news, "it's got legs." 

So here's a recent Bowllan Tech Class scenario…each month I give the lower school students a free day.  It's an opportunity to reflect and revisit some of the sites we used over the year. One of our lessons is to learn how to use our class blog archives and it's also an incentive to steer the students to sites they can learn from. Not to mention, these sites have already been screened. Kidsclick for example, is screened by librarians and my students just used it to complete a class research project on animals. 

Now, the Starfall site has been around for a while and is exclusively for K-2 students. Trust me, you will not be able to tear your students (or kids) away from it. I'm peeling my daughter off of me now as I write this post.

Here's my quick tour.
1) Visit Starfall by clicking here. Starfall is a free, fun-filled educational site that helps children learn how to read. 
2)  Next, take your kids to the ALL ABOUT ME link. Here's where students (of all shades and ethnicities) can fill in answers to questions just about them.
3) There's also a garden shop, poetry, magic tricks, and a fully interactive alphabet to introduce children to reading. These are just a few links and please know there's more!  But my favorite is being able to download their printables.

If you have also been struck by Starfall, feel free to share your own favorites from the site.