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What Google hasn’t done…YET

***Update – if you haven't seen it yet, The New York Times reports on a similar issue in Saul Hansell's article, Google keeps tweaking its search engine.

While the world is being introduced, awed and annoyed by Google's latest map service, Street View, I have my own Google-less issue. And please, if any librarians can assist with this research project, please leave a comment.

Now, I'm probably nitpicking with this post, but I don't think so. Here's the deal, Google has quickly become the 'go-to' and fastest growing internet search engine around…right? So why, when I try to find images of a well known, local news (in NY) television anchorman, Jim Jensen, for my broadcast journalism class, there are no pictures, articles, or videos of him archived? Like so many, he really was one of the true pioneers in the local news industry prior to 2000 (died in 1999) for his unique reporting and writing ability.

So what started out as a class assignment, quickly fizzled because there wasn't much out there on my old buddy Jim. In the late 90s, Jim and I both worked for Channel 2 news and he was not only a mentor to me, but just a great person. He added so much to the news business and I just knew he would be fully covered online.  Wikipedia has a blurb about him; but not much. So I ask Google, "When are you going to hit the media circuit and archive the videos, pictures and information about those talented news people who offered so much, prior to the year 2000?"  Like the New York Times archives, they too offer a host of valuable and educational data from "back in the day."