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Bridging the Curriculum: Technology in Context by Al Doyle

Whether you’re in the educational tech world or notAl Doyle is definitely someone you should know…but probably already do. Al has a long and impressive history of instructing educators and students on how to use technology in the most creative ways in the classroom.  (If you look closely, you’ll see him in the first photo below.)               

Heeeere’s….Al Doyle, Director of Instructional Technology at The Town School in NYC:

"A recent visitor to The Town School might ask; "What’s Up with Bridges? I see them everywhere…" The Town School sits on the edge of an island overlooking the East River. Visible from our roof deck are the Triborough, the Queensboro and The Hell Gate bridges.

Through a happy confluence of field trips, special projects, guest lectures and themed collaboration among faculty and specialists, the Town School children sketched, painted, constructed and walked over and under bridges as part of their exploration of New York City bridges. Technology was an integral part of the mix as digital cameras, video, interactive presentations and hands-on exploration of suspension bridges were all utilized in service to this curriculum topic. The technology tools served to enhance, enable and excite the students; to document and share the excitement with the wider school community on Town Today (

Technology: Bridging the Curriculum

The goals of these projects were to make our students aware of the rich built environment of New York City and to gain insight and understanding as to the scientific, cultural and geographic aspects of several great bridges.

Using Zome Tools *(an educational construction toy) the third graders worked together to build the road deck for our large scale work-in-progress construction model of the George Washington Bridge. The towers of this model were built by the fifth graders during a homeroom period early last fall and all constituent parts are ready for immanent construction in the library. This model promises to summarize our explorations into this rich curricular topic that brings together diverse subjects, teachers, disciplines, students and teachers in a collaborative effort typical of the Town ethos: "let there be joy in learning."

Al and I both worked as Master Teachers for Channel 13/PBS’s National Teaching Training Institute (years ago).  He has been not only a mentor to me, but a technological pioneer in this digital media era.