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The Room 9 Kids Are ‘Digging Up Dirt’

If you’re looking for blogging ideas for 6 and 7 year olds, look here.  The Room 9 students from the Nelson Central School in New Zealand have much to be proud of.  Their teacher, Rachel Boyd, has implemented class wikis, podcasting, blogging and photos which are cleverly integrated into their curriculum.  Each post has a fun twist, educational value and a hands-on grasp of day-of-air issues.  Here’s a blurb from Ms. Boyd’s Rubbish Detective project:

"Remember last week on the 7th of June; Thomas and Josh took all those photos of rubbish that they found around our school?

Well I have put the photos to music and made it into a movie! Do you know that I actually had to delete some of the photos as there was far too many?!

Well done Room 9; I can see that you are on the right track with convincing people not to drop rubbish in our school…it’s great that you are working hard to reduce and eliminate our problem. (check their movie)

I even learned how to jazz up my blog name…in glitter!


  1. WOW! Glitter! I am so in to bright sparkly objects. So cool! I just spent 20 minutes playing with my name until my son took the laptop away from me and said, “ENOUGH!” Back to work. Sparklies….