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3 cheers for Rosie!

Here’s one for the heart.  

12-year-old Rosie Lawrence was in a horrible traffic accident six weeks ago. Her injuries were pretty severe, according to Daily News writers, Brendan Brosh and Tracy Connor,"The catalog of her injuries was horrific: every bone in her left leg broken, a ruptured spleen, a lacerated liver and a pelvic fracture. Doctors managed to save her leg, though she underwent several skin graft surgeries to repair massive tissue loss." I can only imagine the pain she is enduring. But the good news is with the help of a laptop and a video hookup, Rosie was able to attend her sixth grade graduation via her hospital bed. [YES!]

"So last night, Rosie traded in her hospital gown for a regal graduation frock and used a two-way video hookup to join a joyous ceremony without ever leaving her bed."

"I miss you guys," the soft-spoken girl said, her face lighting up as she looked into a laptop camera in her room at New York-Presbyterian Hospital Weill Cornell." (via New York Daily News article Her degree in bravery  
Rosie really gives courage a new name. I just hope the next time I start to moan and complain about technology and how it doesn’t work, that I remember Rosie.  


  1. That is so true. She was there and we all know she had a great time seeing alll her friends again. And after graduation you could have gone back inside the auditorium and spoke to her one on one. What they did for her was great and shes a such a sweet girl and my best friend and she didnt deserve what happened but the world has delt its cards and i guess the lord has done this so she can be a great example to others and show that you should never give up no matter what. Shes a great girl and you should always keep her in your prayers and well really appreciate how shes handled what shes been through

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hi Shanique!

    Thanks so much for sharing your story. If you are in touch with Rosella, please send her our good wishes. Please update our readers on her progress.

  3. o you are welcome shes doing pretty good shes walking around with help. She knows that she will walk again and she just wants her normal life back again i will keep you posted on her progress