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All in a day’s work

Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean it’s easier to get organized…hence today’s post. Please follow along as I try to walk you through Bowllan’s Blog for Saturday –  where work is never done. 
Here we go!

It pays to change my dog’s poop pad with old New York Times papers. While I put a fresh set of newspapers and circulars down, I’m  also able to catch up on some news I missed. By the way, I have not yet trained my darling Scottish Terrier, Scottie – slow progress. But I did notice that Thursday, June 14th, Jacques Steinberg from the NYT reported on NBC Developing a Web Site for Students (this story you have to pay for). The article literally jumped off the floor at me. It’s basically an opportunity for NBC to gain younger viewers while putting their film and video archive to good use. Great idea. I just hope more networks will release their old footage for educational purposes. 

When the doggie chore is done, I’m off to the mailbox. Low-and-behold there’s a book in the slot, entitled, Defect by Will Weaver.  This is my kind of book…young people who overcome personal struggles. I love when an author can infuse his own personal experience into a character and craft someone as unforgettable as the main character Dave.  
Dave is a typical  fifteen-year-old teen with lots of emotion and secrets. A birth defect (from what I know now) is opening his world to who he really is. This book I opened right away and have yet to put it down.  I’m hoping to interview the author soon. 

Now I’m off to the online arena (kids are still asleep) to find out about iPhones in education. How are teachers going to use this new gadget in class?  Sure enough. The Mceducation blog has teaching ideas on using the iPhone for class instruction and thoughtful posts on the power of reading.  There’s also a very ironic story about the writer’s daughter and school. I also love this quote from the Mceducation blog"The end goal for me with regard to technology in education is transparency. When we get to the point that we can do what we want to do pedagogically without having to think about the tools, we have arrived. This seems like one more (baby) step in this direction, but it is a powerful one."

….and it’s NOT even noon.