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The Good, The FAD and The Ugly

How’s this for exciting?

Students from the Bronx Lab High School in New York 
are off to visit Shanghai’s Luan High School. The Daily News reports they will live in China for two weeks and teach students about American culture.  But the best part is they’re partnering and blogging their experiences through the
New York Daily News website. You can read student, Shipnia Bytyqi’s first blog entry here.  Her excitement is threaded throughout her post. 

Why should the word school be in summer school anyway? 

Students in Maynard, Massachusetts are no longer sweating summer school. Those who didn’t make the grade during the school year, are signing-up online through the web based Virtual High School. "Students taking classes online can submit their assignments in e-mails, "talk" to teachers through instant messages, and interact with other students in online discussion groups." [via the Associated Press – Online Classes a Savior for Some Teens by Adam Gorlick]  

I’m not going to ask for reader feedback on this one. But I will say that my teacher hunch tells me that having the opportunity to have summer school online is a blessing for some and a nightmare for others. And for more on…why ALL kids should attend summer school, you must, must, must read Rick Holmes’s impassioned editorial, Send them all to summer school.  

Now for some sobering news.

The Child Rights Information Network (CRIN) posted some appalling statistics to their website. It reads…

  • Globally, 1 in 6 children work
  • 218 million children aged 5 – 17 are involved in child labour world wide
  • 126 million children work in hazardous conditions
  • The highest numbers of child labourers are in the Asia/Pacific region, where there are 122 million working children
  • The highest proportion of child labourers is in Sub Saharan Africa, where 26% of children (49 million) are involved in work.

This makes for an unhappy Monday indeed.


  1. librarygrl says:

    That’s great that students are sharing their experiences. Thank you for sharing.