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New, new, blogs-to-my-roll

I know. I know.

The title of this post should be a song. Maybe a rap song? No. My past (wannabe) attempt at rapping was quite the memory worth forgetting.

But really, with so many blogs and so little time to read them all, it’s that time again to update my blogroll. Here are my recent additions:

The Disorganized Librarian and her dog, Fred’s blog, at Fred’s Wurld. That’s right. You read it right. This librarian has a worldly, politically savvy, dog blogger at home. Did I mention that he’s been blogging since 2004!? Now really…who can top that? I mean my own son has a blog. But a dog? What’s the blog world coming to? I should also mention the DL has a valuable post on how to obtain a free copy of the U.S. government’s new Citizenship Toolkit. But after you read that post, be sure to visit Fred’s Wurld. Old Fred has been down-in-the-dumps lately.

Now it’s time to switch gears, to the next and new…blog-to-my-roll.

Next there’s Kyra’s blog, Black Threads in Kid’s LIt. She’s on interesting and noble mission. By the way, this blog I found through my growing friends’ over at Jacketflap. Kyra writes in a recent post, "I’m on a quest to list – by month – the children’s picture books written or illustrated by an African American and copyrighted in 2007. My methods aren’t scientific. I don’t work for a publisher, literary magazine, or newspaper with access to advanced books. So, I can use some help. Guess how many I located (so far?) for February 2007?[Just] 1.


…the last blog for today is Nikki, theLibrarygrl – also a new Jacketflap friend. Nikki is a Youth Services Librarian, who appears to be new to the blogosphere. New or not, her site is rich with library news, links and children’s lit goodies. Good luck and welcome Librarygrl!