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Are you getting ready for kindergarten?

Tis the season for most parents to rejoice! 

Summer is almost over and SCHOOL is just around the corner. What quickly comes to mind is the Staples commercial with the ‘overly jazzed’ dad, frolicking around the store, singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” While his two, disenchanted teens trail behind him with glares of disgust. They’re clearly not in the spirit for the upcoming year.

Now even though I never went to kindergarten, I do know (as a parent) that new kindergarten parents aren’t on the same channel as the Staples dad.  New K parents are not as anxious to send their little ones off into the real world – especially with those monster backpacks in tow. It’s a big step for everyone…parents, teachers, and the children.  

My son’s first year in kindergarten was filled with stress. It was never ending; and upon reflection, he probably wasn’t ready. He ate the same food everyday; when it was nap time, he refused to lay down on the mat…so he slept sitting in his chair. He also was (what the teacher called) a leaner.  When it was circle time, he had an annoying tendency to lean on whoever was next to him. It was probably because he was tired. My daughter on-the-other-hand, (from day one of kindergarten) was the class tattler; she felt the need to be the teacher, judge and jury. She was too comfortable. They both responded differently and still do. My son loves school now and can’t wait to enter fifth grade.

But you never know how your child will react to kindergarten. The entire year is a true learning experience that goes way too fast…so enjoy it. I wish I did.

For starters, here’s an educational video featuring a diverse group of children getting ready for kindergarten (it’s in English and Spanish).

More resources to help smooth the transition. 
Transitioning to Kindergarten: A Toolkit for Early Childhood Educators – This site includes a Getting Ready To Read Screening Tool
 –Books to Share with Children Who Are Getting Ready for Kindergarten
 -Getting Children Ready For Kindergarten – Readiness Indicator
>> >Parents are flooding Youtube with videos chronicling their child’s first day.  First you have Molly screaming, "I AM NOT GOING TO KINDERGARTEN!" Then on day 2, the video quickly transitions to a bright, smiling, self assured Molly stating,"I’m going to school today." 
There’s also a dad who uses his camera and interviewing skills to calm his two boys with ‘just the right questions’ in this adorable 
video on Youtube. It won’t hurt to show your children these videos.


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