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Add YouTube To Your AUP

Teachers beware! You’ll be happy to know, that you too may end up on YouTube this year. And once it’s out there, it’s hard to remove it for good.

If  you are a teacher, or a librarian, you should be concerned about the ease at which students can upload, school grown movies to YouTube.  It’s true. We read about it everyday. Don’t wait. Now is the time to put the addendum in your Acceptable Use Policy that clearly states the ramifications for uploading YOU, without your consent.

If you’re scared, well, you should be.  Look at  what happened to fifth grade school teacher, Keri McIntyre.
That could be any of us. 

By nature, video blows things out of proportion. Meaning…a simple reprimand can look pretty scary to viewers. So don’t let this be your 15 minutes of fame. Be prudent and take precaution. 

Here’s YouTube’s broad, privacy notice with useful information.
Here’s a link with loads of videos on angry teachers.