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You can’t ‘top’ this!

Let’s face it, the blogosphere is not the end-all-to-be-all. Right? 

…especially when it comes to education and showing people, what we, as educators, do.  There is so much going on in the classroom that deserves some visual attention…namely, for me this week, has been bulletin boards. 

Those amazing, unsung…hung heroes.

*Update…Here’s a wall-bulletin-board from my dear friend, Ashley. It’s very cute.

Teachers work tirelessly: creating, inspiring and integrating curriculum through the use of bulletin boards. Me, well, I am ‘creatively challenged’ in that department. But I will say, I know a good bulletin board when I see it.  

Send me your winning bulletin boards – please! I believe, with all my heart, the teachers at my school should win the prize for: the most creative bulletin boards.  Notice, there are no pictures inserted in this post – yet. In due time.

But really, here is the real tragedy…once the boards are taken down, they’re gone forever. TEACHERS!!! Here is some friendly advice. "Be sure to take pictures of your work. Don’t take it for granted…because it’s all good."

So…I dare YOU, readers. Email me your favorite bulletin board jpeg.  Yes, this a challenge!