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Hocus Focus…a sneak preview continued

Chapter 2


On the way home I couldn’t wait to ditch my glasses, but Mom was being all paranoid about me trying to put contacts in my eyes in a moving car. She was all, “You’ll scratch your eyes and go blind. Then we’ll have to come up with the money to have eye surgery, and blah, blah, blah!”

When we got home I threw the old four eyes into the back of my dresser drawer and whipped out the new contacts. As soon as I got into the bathroom I popped ‘em in.


Nothing weird. Things were a little blurry though. Nothing “special” like Dr. Third said.


All the sudden, things cleared up in the mirror and I freaked. Dude, I didn’t even think about it. I just punched as hard as I could. The mirror crunched and cracked into a spider web. My knuckles were cut up and bleeding. My heart was going psycho. But at least, in what was left of the mirror, I didn’t see my stupid freaking Dad’s face anymore.

Faster than you can say holy crap, I fished those stupid contacts out of my eyes and got out of that bathroom.


Just so you know, the name Stephen Hines is an alias and a graduate from Ashland University (Ashland, OH) in 1998. His first teaching job was 8th grade English, Advanced English, and he was also a Power of the Pen coach. After five years of that, he switched gears and he is currently teaching, five years and counting, junior and senior English. 
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