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Typing just ain’t what it used to be

Typing was probably one of my favorite subjects in high school. 

As a teen, I was pretty quick on keys and took great pride in mastering this skill that was not common amongst my peers. 

Fast forward to today…students are typing as early as second grade and are proficient by fourteen – some even earlier. 

But when I was growing up, not a lot of students had typewriters at home. 

Did you?

We did because my father was a linotype printer operator and insisted we use the family, Royal typewriter regularly. Remember those? I was so practiced, I was able to type a letter to Santa when I was in the fifth grade!

Dad was before his time and would have loved using a typing tutorial site like this

First of all, it is interactive, the keys are in the language of your choice (Spanish, English, French, and a few others).  There are a variety of skill levels. But best of all, it is FREE! You also won’t need that sticky correction tape from "back in the day." It is a must if you teach typing or need extra practice.

Readers, I am curious, when did you start typing – really well? Do you feel second are graders too young to begin? I grapple with this sometimes.

Also, read how these seniors are using a free service at their library to join the computer age .