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Here’s something GOOD: Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF

UNICEF, by no means, masquerades its goal for the Halloween season, and that is, giving. Please help and REMEMBER to encourage your students to donate to UNICEF while they are out and about trick-or-treating.   On a personal note, back in the 80s, my father did not allow me to trick-or-treat. This is NOT a sob story, I promise. Back then, although long ago it was, […]

Reflection of my undercover days as a high school

Years ago, after receieving complaints about some NYC public high schools, I volunteered to go back to school as a student to see for myself. The newsroom I worked for had received several complaints from parents and teachers that something needed to be done. Building Bridges With the Press A Guide for Educators by Julie Blair

Noteworthy Quotes Worth Posting

"I’m back! I’ve been down and out for a few days but, the cancer and chemo are NOT going to keep me down and out for long. I have eaten today, drank lots of fluids, and went for a walk around the lovely 9th floor. So, I guess we are finding the routine in all […]

An Update On Momma and the Bee

I just finished the school Spelling Bee, and placed 4th – thanks to the word that did me in, diaphragm.   I do, however, want to thank my son for spending tireless hours with me this week, and helping me to prepare. This was fun, and a great way to bond with my children and students. A few items worth mentioning on this […]

Carlsbad High School’s Wildfire Coverage

If your school has a journalism class/program/club they must watch the student reporters at Carlsbad High School, and their coverage of the California wildfires. Here’s the link.

Emailaddicts…conserve your time!

We love it! We hate it! But we can’t live without it. We are quickly becoming an age of people where emailoholics rule. …email that is. And some, like me, would think if you are not getting loads of email, something is wrong – server must be down. Just imagine for a minute, coming to work and not seeing even 1 message in […]

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The Wrap on Blog Action Day

The stats are in! Blog Action Day was a huge success. With over 20,000 registered to participate, I found a few noteworthy posts to share. Blog Action Day: Going Green with the Kids – great resource with many links on Going Green for Kids Filter for Good – one of their reps sent me an email which reminded me […]

Kids Speak Out On Blog Action Day

Today is the day for  all bloggers to devote a post FOR the protection of our environment. It is hard for kids to understand the magnitude of how important this is. But thankfully, both of my children decided they wanted to take action and respond to my question about protecting the environment. My son says, "We […]