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Help reduce teen stress this year

Are we really stressing our students out?  As a parent, I can honestly say I am guilty.  I do put a certain level of stress on my own children when it comes to school and eating.

So it’s no coincidence that SCHOOL wins as the number one stresser for students between the ages of
13-17, according to an MTV poll.  

Psychologist, Dr. Susan Bartell  weighs in on the matter. She writes, "Interestingly, those from middle income households feel more stress than those from higher or lower income households. This is likely because as a general rule higher income kids don’t have the financial stress of their lower and middle income counterparts, and lower income kids don’t have the overwhelming have the achieve in school or go to college—mostly because they can’t afford to, not necessarily because they or their parents wouldn’t want them to."

I am not convinced, however, this is  true.  I’ve been an educator for over ten years and have worked with students from all socio-economic backgrounds.  Most teens were stressed out about school.  

The more important question is, "What are we doing about it?"  Readers, does your school have stress management courses for teens?