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An Update on Paws To Read

Rosemary Marburger coordinates the amazing and creative Paws To Read program. As a fairly new dog owner, and an admirer of her work, I wrote to her for an update. If you recall, I introduced you to Paws To Read last June.   I love it, love it, love it!

"Well, Paws to Read is off and "barking" again this 2007/2008 school year! Elsa and I  are now taking the reading program into two Brownsburg Schools. Eagle El. and White Lick El.. Another one of our Pet Partner teams is in Brown El. and another team will begin soon in another classroom at White Lick El.. We are excited that we are now in 3 of the 5 Elementary schools in Brownsburg! The Paws to Read Library program began it’s first Fall session Tuesday evening October 2nd at the Brownsburg Public Library. We served 27 children that evening ! How exciting for all involved—dogs/children/volunteers/parents! We meet the first and third Tuesday of the month and registration begins the week before each event. There is a 5 o’clock and 6 o’clock session. Please be sure to sign your children up for this most rewarding reading experience.
This past Spring I was contacted by the Lawrence Branch of the IMCPL (Indianapolis Marion County Pubilc Library) to start a Paws to Read summer program there. We met every Friday through August 3rd. It was such a great success that we were asked to come back one Saturday/month during the school year. Elsa and I are among several volunteers.
An interesting first for Elsa and I happened at White Lick El.. We were involved in a fire drill. I must say and I suppose it sounds like bragging, but I believe Elsa remained the most calm of all involved!! She stayed on her blanket in the classroom unitl the children were all lined up and then I gave her the command to get up and we followed the class through the crowded, noisy, alarm blasting hallways to the playground. Elsa pranced along with everyone, tail wagging! Once on the playground she sat with her class until the all clear was given and then we went back to reading. Ironically, the book the little boy was getting ready to read to Elsa was about Clifford the Big Red Dog visiting his brother , a fire rescue dog, at the fire house! Anyway, I was very proud of Elsa’s reaction to the whole scenario and certainly all of the training she went through to be a therapy dog paid off.
That is the latest from the Paws to Read Corner! 

Thanks to Rosemary for the update.  For more information, contact:
Rosemary and Elsa
Paws to Read
Rosemary Marburger Coordinator
Brownsburg Public Library
(317) 852-3167 ext. 3