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Author Helen Frost – Spinning Verses For Teens

Mark your calendars! Spinning Verses: Writing Workshop for Teens

will be held on Saturday, November 10 at 2:00 pm with author Helen Frost and co-sponsors, Poets House and New York Public Library.

Helen writes, "I’ve been writing novels-in-poems for almost ten years now, and I look forward to sharing some of what I’ve discovered about the form with teenage writers. 

Each of my books has a different formal structure–Keesha’s House is written in sestinas and sonnets; in Spinning through the Universe I wrote in a different form for each character; in The Braid, I invented a structure based on Celtic knots, in which the last words of the lines in one sister’s poem are used as the first words in the lines of the next poem, in the other sister’s voice. It’s more complex than that, but that’s the basic idea of the "braided" poems. I’ll explain it in more detail at the workshop.  And I’ll give a sneak preview of the form in Diamond Willow, based on the naturally occurring form of diamond willow sticks. (Each poem is diamond-shaped, with a small bold-faced diamond at the center of each poem.)

After demonstrating what I do in m my books, I’ll invite workshop participants to explore one or two poetic forms, and perhaps invent a character. They’ll discover for themselves how voice, language, story, and form all work together to create something surprising. Sometimes people invent new forms of their own; sometimes they discover things about a character they’re creating. 

Although the workshop is for teens, younger children and adults are welcome to attend." 

Update…This event is Co-sponsored by Poets House and  the New York Public Library.

@ New York Public Library
Mulberry Street Branch
10 Jersey Street (between Lafayette & Mulberry)
Admission Free

Helen Frost is the author of four novels-in-poems,  Keesha’s House, Spinning through the Universe, The Braid, and Diamond Willow (forthcoming, spring 2008).