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Kids Speak Out On Blog Action Day

Today is the day for 

bloggers to devote a post FOR the protection of our environment.

It is hard for kids to understand the magnitude of how important this is. But thankfully, both of my children decided they wanted to take action and respond to my question about protecting the environment. My son says, "We can do better in helping our environment. First, instead of using cars, we can use bikes or roller skates [I will settle for walking]. Second, we shouldn’t litter. Third, we shouldn’t smoke or release smoke from factories. If we don’t do that, the air would be polluted and people will have hard times breathing. Please try to save the environment for my future."  My daughter says, "How to keep animals safe is cleaning up their poop and walk them. How to keep people’s environment safe is NO polluting, don’t litter and keep the kids safe. Love me." 

(photos are courtesy of the Bowllan’s Dad)