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The Wrap on Blog Action Day

The stats are in!

Blog Action Day was a huge success. With over 20,000 registered to participate, I found a few noteworthy posts to share.
Blog Action Day: Going Green with the Kids – great resource with many links on Going Green for Kids
Filter for Good – one of their reps sent me an email which reminded me of how much plastic I waste on buying bottled water. To be honest, every day I pack my kid’s lunch bag with a fresh bottle of water. Five years ago it was no big deal. Now, it’s a new day and I MUST stop. Filling a container with filtered water is just as good.
Blog Action Day – Go geocaching with your kids – this post explains the importance of geocaching with kids. Fyi…that’s a new one for me too.
Lastly, over at CottageNews, there’s a post about the importance of composting and a list of Pee Wee Adventure books to help teach children about its importance.  

I think I am going to stay green all week and continue to post more results from Blog Action Day. There’s so much good stuff out there. Why stop here? 

If you participated in Blog Action Day on 10/15/07, email me your post/action.


  1. becuase i saw your post last week, I signed up and did a post about saving our oceans and listed some websites to get more informaiton about saving our oceans. My web address is

  2. Amy Bowllan says:

    Hi Kathy!

    Thanks for the comment. I saw a very interesting post on your blog about teachers staying at sea…sounds awesome.