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Emailaddicts…conserve your time!

We love it! We hate it! But we can’t live without it. We are quickly becoming an age of people where emailoholics rule.

…email that is. And some, like me, would think if you are not getting loads of email, something is wrong – server must be down. Just imagine for a minute, coming to work and not seeing even 1 message in your in-box? A troubling thought, I know. (Here is a link with the 12-step program I am enrolling in.)

But thankfully, a very smart, and dear colleague of mine sent the following article to my email in-box this morning. YES! This was my 1st email this morning. 

It certainly deserves attention and belongs on my continuing coverage list of Blog Action Day followups.  "Intel has become the latest in an increasingly long line of companies to launch a so-called ‘no e-mail day’." (via Jane Wakefield’s article Turn off e-mail and do some work) I am not there yet. Are you email addicted?