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An Update On Momma and the Bee

I just finished the school Spelling Bee, and placed 4th – thanks to the word that did me in, diaphragm.  

I do, however, want to thank my son for spending tireless hours with me this week, and helping me to prepare. This was fun, and a great way to bond with my children and students.

A few items worth mentioning on this Tuesday…

#1) I decided to participate in the middle school Spelling Bee at my school on Friday. This was before I found out that last year’s winner was a former librarian. What the heck am I getting myself into? This has been, however, a great way to motivate my own two children to study. They are constantly on me to study, study, study. "Go Mom! Go!" I will say, "it’s all about modeling for our students and children." I also decided to ‘lose’ my infamously, tired ponytail of twenty years.

#2)  My high school technology students took part in a webquest on Evaluating Websites by Joyce Valenza (my esteemed blog colleague). It’s the best webquest to engage upper school students in substantive topics. 

In groups of four they are producing news reports, having round table discussions and presenting PowerPoint presentations to the class on their research. The topics range from smoking, to cloning, to evaluating websites on Hamlet. Anyone who has taught using webquests will admit that is easy for student-confusion to seep in past the INTRODUCTION. Not with this project. It was seamless and enjoyable. Thanks Joyce!