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Noteworthy Quotes Worth Posting

"I’m back! I’ve been down and out for a few days but, the cancer and chemo are NOT going to keep me down and out for long. I have eaten today, drank lots of fluids, and went for a walk around the lovely 9th floor. So, I guess we are finding the routine in all this chemo. It appears that around day 7 the bottom starts to drop out for 5 days."  (Teacher, Tisha Rayburn of the CaringBridge blog, shares with her students her battle with a rare form of ovarian cancer.)

"Each year it seems I hear less and less about what books the students will read and more and more about how they’ll be prepared for the state tests. If my wife or I don’t raise our hands and ask "What novels?" it usually doesn’t come up." (Comes via Michael Winerip at the NYT Mission: Making a Love of Reading Happen) 

"The report, called "Creating and Connecting," found that nearly 60 percent of the 1,277 students polled said they use social networking sites to talk about "education topics." Yet, 98 percent of school districts use software to block what they deem inappropriate sites, with 52 percent of districts specifically blocking social networking sites in K–12 schools, according to the survey, which was presented at the conference."  (
Lauren Barack — School Library Journal)