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The mother of all cyberbullies

When it comes to kids these days, evil looks at others and "KICK ME" signs taped to your back, are things of the past.  Now it’s all about bullying and then pretending you know nothing about it.   It’s so out of control; one would think that ALL parents would be on board to DELETE cyberbullying forever. NOT. […]

The Emergency Teacher and more

I have to admit, Mohonk was great, but my regular blog postings – or lack there of – has certainly taken a backseat.  So here’s what I’m catching up on: 1) Remember Rosie? She was our inspirational student, who, back in May, was in a devastating car accident and was unable to attend her 6th grade graduation. Well, I was overjoyed to […]

An "Amerijam Thanksgiving"

teachers are doing for Thanksgiving. They spend weeks preparing    Foreign teachers in midstate adding international flare to Thanksgiving "Exchange teachers from Colombia, South Africa and Romania who teach in Bibb schools are also coming to the holiday dinner with Smith and bringing their own native dishes."

What happens when technology doesn’t work?

Have a backup plan.  It also depends on who you ask. A school technician might say, in regards to teachers, "If administrators would just mandate it [technology] you would have a certain level of  competency." While others, probably teachers might say, "When I ask for help, the way the technician responds…his facial expressions and patronizing attitude makes me not want to ask for anything." Sound familiar?  With […]

Neat people at the Neit 2007 unconference

The Neit 2007 unconference will definitely live on forever, and so will my blog coverage of it.  Today, I’m focusing on a few people: leading in their communities, trailblazing new endeavors, and taking educational technology to new heights. First up, World Bridges creator, Jeff Lebow, a quintessential 21st century thinker, and an esteemed visionary on how to effectively use streaming video in the classroom. Here’s Jeff’s […]

"What is the library?"

It is going to take weeks to sift through my UNconference notes. I returned home earlier today from the Neit 2007 Unconference – safe and sound.  Although I did make a wrong turn off the NYS Thruway and wound up seeing more of New Jersey than I planned to. But one session, "What is the library?," has provocative information worth reading. Unfortunately, it, like so many other […]

More from Mohonk

Not only did I leave my camera home, but I nearly lost a very expensive school projector today. Needless to say, I was frantic trying to find it – especially after our IT specialist shared with me, the ‘uh oh’ look and the cost of the projector. But fate was good to me as one kind soul returned it to […]

Streaming live @ Neit 2007

**UPDATE** My session on, How to Teach the Way Reporters report, will be livestreamed in 5-minutes. We’ve all experienced this at conferences, trying (wanting) to be at two places at the same time, it is tough. So the sessions I am not able to attend today are available on this live stream.

When you learn something new…

…be sure it sticks. Today was definitely information overload at its best, and I’m guessing that must be one of the goals of an unconference. There is virtually no prep time, no pre-planned judgment, no expert, no nothin’ – except the truth about education from the frontlines. And all day I’ve been challenged to think on my feet, examine my results, and process […]

First workshop: Using technology to free ourselves…

1) to do nothing  2) breathe deeper 3) improve the quality of offline living (session leader, Akbar Ali Herndon) Ahhhh…these are noble thoughts for living the good life, but in today’s world it’s next to impossible. Here are some quick notes, comments and quotes (in no order) on how to FREE YOURSELF FROM EMAIL OBSESSION: –David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, was highly recommended. […]