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First workshop: Using technology to free ourselves…

1) to do nothing 
breathe deeper
3) improve the quality of offline living (session leader, Akbar Ali Herndon)

Ahhhh…these are noble thoughts for living the good life, but in today’s world it’s next to impossible.

Here are some quick notes, comments and quotes (in no order) on how to FREE YOURSELF FROM EMAIL OBSESSION:

David Allen’s book, Getting Things Done, was highly recommended.
-Never check emails outside of school.
-No television at home, meditate, making better choices, limit the amount of time people stay online, timestamping – mark it read and it won’t timestamp, hang out with the kids, talk to the person in person, sing in a rock-and-roll band, teach people to solve their own problems, trust – we can’t  trust direct experience. 
-Give students situations and trusting that that’s fine.
– How true is this one? 
"Email is the devil."
"Check your ego at the school door."
-Email…I have a love hate
relationship with it. 

Is email eating at you? Tell me your beef.