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When you learn something new…

…be sure it sticks.

Today was definitely information overload at its best, and I’m guessing that must be one of the goals of an unconference. There is virtually no prep time, no pre-planned judgment, no expert, no nothin’ – except the truth about education from the frontlines. And all day I’ve been challenged to think on my feet, examine my results, and process my own truths about technology in education – while it is happening and in some cases, unhappening.

I actually feel like a new and different part of my brain is at work.

Let me also point out that all day I was in the company of school librarians, educational technologists and school technicians – and we all got along. *smile*

The synergy is amazing!

Here are my unconference sticky notes:

Regarding the over indulgence of email: if you do not want your email recipients to send a thank you, or an, I understand what you are saying, email, in your reply, just footnote a line that reads, "No response is necessary." This is my favorite because I always feel obligated to send a thank you note after every email.

Regarding technology, when it doesn’t work: there is NO magic formula, only age old wisdom: clear communication with teachers, constant understanding with teachers and continued patience with teachers, is the only way to weed out those never ending whiners, I mean problems.

Regarding effective Smartboard use: Google search lesson plans for virtual activities. Don’t try to do it all in one lesson. Teachers who really know how tol be effective Smartboard users, make the Smartboard invisible to their lesson.

Tomorrow, or rather today, I have sessions scheduled on: taming the cyberbully, teaching as a reporter, and using blogs in class. Stay tuned and add your thoughts [please pardon my g-errors in these posts]


  1. GrahamStanley says:

    Totally agree about the smartboard, Amy – I have been using an interactive whiteboard for some time now and it works better when it just becomes another part of the classroom