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Not only did I leave my camera home, but I nearly lost a very expensive school projector today. Needless to say, I was frantic trying to find it – especially after our IT specialist shared with me, the ‘uh oh’ look and the cost of the projector. But fate was good to me as one kind soul returned it to its rightful owner.  

Here are VWB’s photos of the Neit 2007 conference. 

Once I get some rest, I will update everyone on the sessions I conducted today. One unsession I hosted on,Taming the Cyberbully, was oh so (un)easy.
There were NO (None, Nunca, ZERO, Zilch, not even 1) attendee(s). 
Hey, as the Fonz would say, theeze things happen…at an Unconference. It’s all good, and I never said I was cool – or popular for that matter. For those of you who missed it, here was the Cyberbullying PSA I planning to share. Get your Kleenex ready.