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Neat people at the Neit 2007 unconference

The Neit 2007 unconference will definitely live on forever, and so will my blog coverage of it. 

Today, I’m focusing on a few people: leading in their communities, trailblazing new endeavors, and taking educational technology to new heights.

First up, World Bridges creator, Jeff Lebow, a quintessential 21st century thinker, and an esteemed visionary on how to effectively use streaming video in the classroom. Here’s Jeff’s bio, his interview with me, and one blogger’s reflections of Lebow’s contributions to the Neit 2007 unconference. Kudos to Jeff for shooting and uploading so many videos.

Next, Chris Lehmann, the Principal of the new Science Leadership Academy, and the Neit 2007 virtual keynote speaker. His messages on educational reform and project based learning were both thought provoking and inspiring. Visit his blog for ideas on how to transform today’s schools.

Then there was Kaliya Hamlin – who happened to be one of my favorites – was one of the (un)organizers of the unconference and was responsible for setting the tone, giving instructions and moving things along. 

She was straight, to the point and took no nonsense. The Identity Woman website has her extensive bio, but briefly, "Kaliya is a freelance evangelist for open standards in user-centric digital identity." She also shared with attendees other resources: Women in Technology and the 60 Minutes piece on Millennials

And then there was the ever so clever, Al Doyle, and his unique idea of having the participants create a Zome Space. Click on Zome Space and learn from Al’s interview how this hands-on-activity can enhance curriculum. Needless to say, everyone had a blast building it. 

Here you will find MORE people from NEIT 2007; there’s just too many to name in one blog post.