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Session number two: Using Smartboards

Students are using their kinesthetic and visual skills. Smarttech offers free workshops. The clip art in the gallery is on steroids? Flash widgets are included in the gallery. Inifinte cloner Many teachers are resistanty What are the benefits? How is your school using it? Do faculty receive professional development/How so? Criticisms of Smartboards. "It’s made […]

Liveblogging from NEIT 2007

I finally made it to Mohonk (NYSAIS Education and Information Technology Unconference) and am knee deep in attending and acclimating myself to these unconference sessions.  Here’s how one of the organizers explained the concept behind an unconference. "Whoever comes are the right people. Whatever happens is the only thing that could happen. Whenever it starts is […]

My very first unconference

Right now, It’s 10:00 p.m. Do you know where your children are? I do. And while they lay peacefully in bed, I sit and wonder about this unconference I’m attending tomorrow. I am preparing to ‘live blog’ the NYSAIS Unconference for Managers of Information Technology and Librarians, located at the beautiful Mohonk Mountain House in New Paltz, New York. I […]

Quick and Easy TIME Generators

Before reading any further, you must know something about a teacher’s life, there’s never any time. And if you are one of those teachers nodding right now, the next few links, well, consider them early holiday gifts for you – with more yule tide cheer to come. First up, the wondrous rubric generators.  Here you will find grading rubrics for every topic; they […]

I have a confession

I am not the best writer and I know it.

Don’t forget Frost, NYPL, and Poets House

If you know of some teens who have a passion for poetry, and who will also be in the Big Apple this weekend, you may want to have them check out the following event: On Saturday, November 10, at 2:00pm  Spinning Verses: Writing Workshop for Teens  with Helen Frost Co-sponsored by the New York Public Library and Poets House. @ New York […]

Let’s GIVE To Oprah For A Change

I think it is fair to assume that Oprah is packing her bags, grabbing her dogs, and books, and heading to South Africa to live. She has made it clear that her school, in South Africa, is her baby, and we all know, babies need, care, devotion, and love, from their mommies. And from all I have read, thus far, Oprah seems to have […]

reading out loud

is it right to force kids to read out loud?

Meet the authors of Bur Bur and Friends

Kakie Fitzsimmons and JoAnne Pastel, along with their illustrators, Lindsay VanDeWeghe and Christopher Bohnet, have written a delightful, and much needed collection of children’s books. Here’s a recent interview I had with the team from Farmer’s Hat Productions™  A.B. While I receive many books from publishers, your packaging really caught my attention. Whose idea was it to include […]

"Follow your passion." Bur Bur and Friends continued

A.B. JoAnne, at what point did your son’s imaginary friend, Bur Bur, come alive to you? I know as parents and teachers, stories unfold around us, all the time, yet you capitalized on yours. Please share when that moment came to you, and what advice can you give aspiring authors?   When William came home one […]