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A ‘Shout Out’ to Mr. Gall and his Second Grade Bloggers

Call me dramatic, but I absolutely get charged when teachers think outside the box! Maybe it’s because, when I was young, school wasn’t the hip place to be. But thanks to my latest guest, times have truly changed!

Second grade teacher, Mr. Gall, has been: inspiring, outside the box, thinking, and having his second graders, blogging, for 10-years. Cool, I know. But just imagine the treasure trove of writings/reflections his students will have to reflect on. 

Do you, readers, have diaries from your early school days? I certainly do not. Although I do have a list of who I didn’t like in 3rd grade

Anyway, I asked Mr. Gall, via email, what he gains from having his
students, blog, "The goals for the class Blog project are to build writing motivation for students and to give students’ parents a better idea of what occurs in my classroom; from the students’ perspective.  The Blog and web site are new this school year, although posting students’ journal entries on the Internet is an idea I am resurrecting this year.  I first did an online journal project in 1997 as the "Online Diary of Mr. Gall’s Second Grade Class." 

He has an archive of past classes’ work, here – it dates back to 1997! I know I’m being redundant/excited, but it’s amazing what he has collected.

Here are just a few of his students’ writing samples, in its original form, from 1997:

Today and yesterday I got to look at things on the internet.  and I got to play on the internet.  One thing that was cool Jereey Seinfeld was born on April 29 1955.  My Birthday is on Apirl 29 to.  -Doug

Today was very cold.  Today I played a new game it is called Brain Quest.  You get to answer a lot of quetshins.  Some are easy some are hard.  This is a very easy queshtin is a line between a state called a boundrie or a belt?  It is a boundrie.  That quetshin was in the social studie answer box.  The game is a first grade or a second grade game.  I hope you have a very good Christmas.  -Kyle

Today we made a December calendar.  mine wus oun of the Best.  Mr. Gall said my math papere wus beautiful.  IN gym we plad mouse trap.  I naver got cote.  Britany naver got cote.  I thinak me and Britany hafe some itch weed on my leg.  I had a successful day.  -Breanne

Mr. Gall also has archives of his class pictures, right here.

Send me your student bloggers and/or writers.

(Mr. Gall in second grade)