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Kathy Cassidy’s First Grade Connections

Thanks to, 

Dean Shareski, from my Ed. Tech. Twitter community, for pointing me to first grade teacher, Kathy Cassidy, who is taking her students to new heights through innovative instruction.

Kathy’s first grade students are using blogs, and other tools, like, YackPack Live, to enhance  their learning environment. 

Here’s what Kathy says…

"My six-year old Canadian students are just emerging writers.  For the first few months, until their reading is readable, I have to write an editor’s note after their writing, telling their readers what they meant to say.  We blog for two reasons: to give the students an authentic audience and to make connections.  The students’ audience includes their families and other classrooms of children from around the world. Our connections have been with classes from Canada, the United States, New Zealand, Australia and Wales. The students have learned how much children in other parts of the world are just like them, even though parts of their lives are different.  We have learned about things such as volcanoes, sharks, time zones and seasons from our blogging buddiesin other classrooms.  The children talk about these other classes as if they were in the classroom next door because we feel so linked with them through our blog."

Click here for Kathy’s first grade’s, educational resources, and here, for more pictures of Kathy’s bloggers

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