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How did you learn geography?

Children’s books that take your imagination to faraway places, and pierce your soul with stories of triumph, always win

And if you’re still trying to find the right books for the holidays, here are two of my recent favorites:

How I Learned Geography, by Caldecott Medal winner, Uri Shulevitz, is a true and emotional story about how a map – his father bought – freed him from the devastation he was suffering during WWII.  

Here’s an excerpt.

"Where is the bread?" Mother asked.
"I bought a map," he said again.
Mother and I said nothing.
"I had enough money to buy only a tiny piece of bread, and we would still be hungry…."
"No supper tonight, " Mother said bitterly. "We’ll have the map instead."

Then, on a lighter note there’s Katie.

Author and Moonbeam Book Award winner, Gretchen Schlesinger, shared with me the story of 4th grader, Katie Scott.  Katie lives in Washington D.C. and is an only child hoping to one day have a little brother. Katie gets a mysterious package in the mail from her Grandma Molly and a magic bar of soap takes her to Ireland. This book recently won a Moonbeam Book Award. In book two, Katie is off to Brazil. The big question is, where will  Katie be off too next? 

For more on her series check out Gretchen’s website at sendmethesoap 

Now I am off to to *begin* my holiday shopping to places far less
interesting – the stores!


  1. Amy,

    I’ll have to have a look at “How I Learned Geography” book. As I look back, my Dad is probably most responsible for teaching us geography while growing up. We read the monthly subscription for National Geographic and marveled at the world from photographs. And, then, my Dad taught us local geography from the skies by flying us in a single engine plane over Los Angeles – we could all point out the route from school to our house… and Disneyland from a few thousand feet high! Best, Kyra