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Thank you, sisters!

Tis’ the season to inspire our youngsters to be the best they can be – such is the message given in R. Glenn Ray’s article, Everyday leadership: Youth need leaders to follow (via the Marietta Times)

(Here I am (on the end) with my sisters. Joanne is seated next to me – please, hold the laughter.)

Ray shares the story of how his sister, Sylvia, a now retired librarian, entered the profession after an inspiring visit by her Aunt Joanna in 1968. "Her career as a librarian was initiated as a result of a visit by our Aunt Joanna, a high school librarian, to our home in 1968. Our librarian roots ran deep because our Aunt Eleanor (my dad’s sister) was a librarian in colleges in Georgia, Alabama, and South Dakota….Sylvia’s life was changed by that family visit in 1968. 

The role-modeling and advice of Aunt Joanna launched her into a satisfying career in which she excelled." 

I love this story because just yesterday my sister, Joanne, for Christmas, gave my children two books that inspired both of them – to read:
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal and Conn Iggulden and The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz. My kids will not put these books down. I had to fight with them to be able to post this.

For the boys there’s information on making go-carts, (Remember those?) how to play poker, (I have no idea.) understanding grammar, (I’m getting there.) and so much more.

For the girls there are goodies on how to build a campfire, how to whistle with two fingers, and queens of the ancient world – again, there’s much more.  

What I LOVE about both books are the variety of activities and wealth of information available – without having to go online – which both of my kids tend to opt for before opening a book.


  1. Hey Ace

    I will have to buy these books for my kids since you love them so much… I remember you girls reading me stories and this may be why I write screen plays today. Well I don’t know when we will use the skills in such adventure – like when will we need a camp fire :) yet I will hook it up… Much Love & success Ace…

    Your Bro