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Thank you, sisters!

Tis’ the season to inspire our youngsters to be the best they can be – such is the message given in R. Glenn Ray’s article, Everyday leadership: Youth need leaders to follow (via the Marietta Times)
OLDER[4]...69 202 Thank you, sisters!

(Here I am (on the end) with my sisters. Joanne is seated next to me – please, hold the laughter.)

Ray shares the story of how his sister, Sylvia, a now retired librarian, entered the profession after an inspiring visit by her Aunt Joanna in 1968. "Her career as a librarian was initiated as a result of a visit by our Aunt Joanna, a high school librarian, to our home in 1968. Our librarian roots ran deep because our Aunt Eleanor (my dad’s sister) was a librarian in colleges in Georgia, Alabama, and South Dakota….Sylvia’s life was changed by that family visit in 1968. 

The role-modeling and advice of Aunt Joanna launched her into a satisfying career in which she excelled." 

I love this story because just yesterday my sister, Joanne, for Christmas, gave my children two books that inspired both of them - to read:
The Dangerous Book for Boys by Hal and Conn Iggulden and The Daring Book for Girls by Andrea Buchanan and Miriam Peskowitz. My kids will not put these books down. I had to fight with them to be able to post this.

dangerboys300 Thank you, sisters!For the boys there’s information on making go-carts, (Remember those?) how to play poker, (I have no idea.) understanding grammar, (I’m getting there.) and so much more.
daring Thank you, sisters!
For the girls there are goodies on how to build a campfire, how to whistle with two fingers, and queens of the ancient world – again, there’s much more.  

What I LOVE about both books are the variety of activities and wealth of information available – without having to go online – which both of my kids tend to opt for before opening a book.


  1. ABodden says:

    Hey Ace

    I will have to buy these books for my kids since you love them so much… I remember you girls reading me stories and this may be why I write screen plays today. Well I don’t know when we will use the skills in such adventure – like when will we need a camp fire :) yet I will hook it up… Much Love & success Ace…

    Your Bro